Boros the City of Gates is a large military complex located in Warder’s Pass whose citizenry consists mainly of Humans, Dwarves, Dragonborn, and Minotaurs. The city gets its moniker from the fact that Boros is a labyrinth built at the height of the Nerath Empire. To make travel through the city easier gates and magical wards are found throughout the city allowing easy travel through the city during peaceful times. In times of crisis or attack the city closes its gates and activates the wards making Boros a formidable maze.

The government of Boros is a militancy with the ultimate authority belonging to the Gatekeeper. Currently a deva woman known as Mahel is the Gatekeeper and has proven herself to be a just leader and keen military tactician. It was Mahel that saw the warning signs of a possible attack by Avestre and urged for the forming of the coalition.

Boros’ location in Warder’s Pass makes it a very busy place constantly seeing an influx of traders and travelers going to and from Cieve. Despite this only a small portion of the population caters to the needs of these groups. Citizens of Boros are pragmatic and spend most of their time training, wishing to be sharp and ready should their prowess be called upon to fend off an attack by Avestre or some other group.

Kord and Bahamut have a large presence in the city though there is no formal worship of the pair. While there are a small handful of Borovians that have a very zealous outlook toward the divine, most merely offer lip service to the gods of the Astral Sea.

Since the forming of the Cieve Coalition the city has opened the doors of its military academies to all peoples living in the region. The Bladed Stave is a magical college within Boros that has also opened its doors to fellow arcanists eager to teach their own techniques while learning new ones. For the betterment of the region, Boros has begun sending small patrol groups along the Pale Road to offer protection from brigands and worse things to those traveling it.


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