Located in the heart of Serenwilde lies the commune of Selesnya. Home to Eladrin, Elves, Gnomes, Humans, Half-Elves and recently the Wilden, the city has been more shaped by the influence of the fey rather than built. Gnomish homes blend seamlessly into the base of trees while cottages and huts carefully circle trunks, while up in the boughs apartments are flawless crafted and connected by wooden platforms.

Selesnya is a meritocracy with an elected monarch. An elected monarch rules until death or in extremely rare cases is deposed, any children of the previous monarch have no claim to the throne save for whatever merits they themselves have accomplished. The current monarch of Selesnya is a gnomish man named Jebbedo Nackle Stumbleduck. Forest King Jebbado despite the amusing name is a pleasant though shrewd leader taking great pains to preserve the Serenwilde, and suffers no abuses to his people. The sudden arrival of the Wilden from the Feywild eleven years ago had caused alarm for the people of the commune for a brief time, but both groups have so far managed a peaceful co-existance.

Selesnya is also a point of interest for many scholars of planar lore due to the presence of the Path of Seasons, a portal controlled by the Selesnyans that can be used to travel to the Feywild. Though the commune leaders seldom use it for casual or capricious reasons. Typically the Path is opened for the solstices and festivals.

The people of the Selesnya give no worship to any god of the Astral Sea and instead beseech and call upon Primal Spirits for favors. Selesnya and the Serenwilde share a common Primal patron in Grandmother Wisp, a jovial and capricious spirit who is said to watch over the wayward and good-hearted in the forest.

Selesnya was reluctant to join the Cieve Coalition, but after much debate finally decided it was better to join the new group than risk alienating itself from it.


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